I Pad Class Assignment 6a

Melanie Nyquist—Reflection
  • What impact do you expect to see as a result of using this technology in the classroom?
The students are so excited and motivated to use this tool. In return I think that the student’s learning will soar. The opportunities for the aps are endless and you can find anything that meets the specific child’s needs.
  • How do you plan to continue to use your iPad in your personal life? Professional life?
I love using the iPad to catch up on news, play games, and stay organized. It’s so quick, convenient and easy to use.
In the classroom, I plan to use it with both my students and for organization. The apps are a great way to practice facts and phonics skills. I love using the calendar and checking my email from home.
  • What have you learned from others' sharing that you would like to try or explore more of?
There are an endless number of apps for further exploration. I also want to download movies for family viewing on vacation. Organizing photos for a slide show would also be something to do.
  • Describe the presentation you gave today and the application you shared / demonstrated.
Pocket Phonics is a great game to help students who are struggling with writing and simple spelling. You can trace the letters and receive feedback on how you wrote. The word game is fun for spelling of simple words. It says the sound and the students match the letter. This app has a parent zone that is protected so the students can’t change it. You need to solve a multiplication problem before changing the settings. You can set a level for the child, capital or lower case, penmanship style, prompts and sounds.